Sunday, March 25, 2012

Interesting Google Chrome Themes 2012

Which are the most interesting factors that you love about your browser? Undoubtedly, the answer would be speed and innovative google chrome themes by Google. And the first name that would strike your mind when you come across the issue of speedy browsing and innovation in themes on the internet is Google Chrome. Chrome has gained an overwhelming popularity among the internet users these days because of its innovative features . Being the most popular browser in the current period, Chrome brings to you a number of exciting themes of Google chrome which would ensue that you enjoy your browsing in a better way. Read on to have an idea of these themes.

Downloaded themes for google chrome from Google chrome themes gallery are limited so, here i have mention few Awesome themes by google chrome which are going to be considered as best cool  google themes for google chrome browser.

Music -Google chrome theme

The lovers of music would find this theme exciting as it entails in itself a wonderful visual and a list of exciting and popular links that would carry you to the world of a variety of apps. While working with this browser, you can enjoy the music of your choice and you can also visit your social media profile by the various links for websites like facebook and twitter (including many other websites). The other useful links include links related to weather forecast, latest music etc. An interesting feature of this theme is the Websearch+ which would provide your search results in an enhanced manner.

Dolce and Gabbana -Cool fast loading chrome theme

Domenico Dolce and Stefano Gabbana, the two creative heads who have given new heights to the word creativity by the introduction of a variety of luxury goods, have designed this theme. When you would roll your eyes on this theme, it may look like another simple and sober theme being introduced by Chrome. But in reality, this is not the case. The utility that this theme provides is commendable. You can have access to your mails, notifications as well as Google docs at the same time. It also provides a direct link to YouTube and the Chrome Web store.

Cute Kitten – Beautiful Nature Chrome theme

You may not love kittens, but you would surely love his theme. A kitten with closed eyes is the only image you would find on the screen. Simplicity is the attracting factor of this theme. An interesting feature of this theme is that it would adjust on browser of any size.

Demi Lovato

It doesn’t matter whether you are a fan of Demi Lovato(the American singer and actress), but having her as a theme for your browser would be the best decision you ever made. A cute image of this American beauty in red attire would make you stare at her endlessly. Apart from this, the other factors that you would love about this theme are its ability to adjust to any size and advanced search options.


Sports car lovers would find a glimpse of the elegant cars introduced by Porsche with this theme. A cool look and a variety of useful links make this browser the first love of the people who have admiration for Porsche and its beauties.


Rampage is a well known name in today’s world in terms of fashion brands and the creativity that it displays in its products is also being displayed in this trendy theme. A cool black and blue combination looks stunning on your screen. It also dons a comprehensive search operation along with a range of useful links.

Brushed -One of Most likely Chrome Theme

For those who don’t like a junction of colors on their screen, this is the best option as it presents a sober look with a shining aluminum-like appearance. The other options like an advanced search option and the links to facebook, twitter, Gmail etc. remain the same.

Easter -best chrome theme of year 2012

Kids would love it, for sure. It would enable the users to make exciting plans for Easter and thus, would assist them in their celebrations. It also presents links to useful deals that would be of utility for a multitude of users all across the world. The most exciting feature of this theme is the introduction of a video sidebar that would present the information related to holidays at the best spots. Websearch+ is another asset associated with this theme.

Anna Sui

Ask any American about Anna Sui (the American fashion designer) and he would exclaim in excitement. This is the result of the hard work that is being put in by this woman in designing world class accessories including clothes and cosmetics. Today she is known all across the world for her fashionable accessories and this is being depicted in this theme also. Purple background with colorful butterflies is something that would be loved by everyone.


The old remains the gold, as always. And nothing can beat the simplicity and the grace of the classics. This theme carries the good old simple look of the Google Chrome and this is the best part of it.