Friday, April 27, 2012


So if you are a beginner in WordPress or you want a quick cheat sheet on what plugins to install here are some of my recommendations:
  1. Google XML Sitemaps:This plugin is a must. It will automatically generate a sitemap of your WordPress blog. As a beginner in WordPress this is very helpful because you won't have to deal with any code or any xml generation to get the Sitemap file. If you don't know what the sitemap.xml file is used for I will explain to you. The sitemap.xml file will allow your blog to reveal a Site Map of all your internal pages so that search engines such as google can get a deep analysis of every single page in your site and index you appropriately. This is an essential plugin when beginning a new WordPress blog.
  2. iRobots SEOThe robots.txt file gives instructions to the search engines on what to index and what to skip (for example you don't want your wp-admin zone to be indexed). This essential plugin will be great for a WordPress beginner or new blog since it will have default setups that will take care of the most important variables in a properly written robots.txt file.
  3. Google AnalyticatorThis is a very simple but efficient plugin to install on a new wordpress site. It will allow you to connect your Google Analytics website as well as to setup easily some options for it. Have you ever not wanted to track your own visits to your WordPress blog? This essential plugin for wordpress will allow you to block yourself easily from the settings page of the plugin once installed.
  4. Yoast WordPress SEOThis is one of the best plugins I have found lately for Search engine optimization. Definitely a must install in a new WordPress blog or website. This plugin will provide you the essential options to adjust how your website is exposed to search engines. It will also provide you a very intuitive way of adding your meta description, title tag and keywords to any post while at the same time giving you advise on how to do it appropriately. I used other plugins before and discovered this one recently and as a geek I can tell you its a fundamental plugin to install.
  5. Akismet
    This comes with WordPress but many people just ignore it. This will give you a protective barrier against spam comments on your website. To activate it you just go to Akismet and register. After you do this they will provide you an API key that you will be able to insert in the Akismet plugin settings
  6. Permalink EditorPermalinks are the URL of your blog posts or pages. WordPress by default lets you setup a standard or dynamic structure. However to get further customization options, this plugin is beautiful. It will enable a "Customize" button beside your URL when editing blog posts. Have you ever wanted to change the category in which the URL is appearing or just change the text? This plugin will allow you to do that easily.
  7. Comprehensive Google Map Plugin (Extra but not essential)This is not for every blog, but just in case you want to use a map in your site to show your location, business venues or any other thing its a personally favorite one. I install this in almost every blog I setup in WordPress since the plugin will be eventually used at some point.
That's it. I was talking about essential plugins not the top 5, 10 or 15 WordPress plugins. These plugins will allow any beginner to have its blog setup with proper SEO, sitemap, robot file and other options to make the most of its content.
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