Tuesday, April 3, 2012

GCE Announces Big Data and Analytics Cloud Solution

GCE’s Big Data framework enables government agencies and organizations to rapidly and cost effectively store, manage, and analyze growing volumes of data

Reston, VA (PRWEB) April 03, 2012
GCE today announced its SMART Cloud for Big Data and Analytics – a Big Data framework for storing and managing data and a toolset for performing consumer-grade search and analysis on that data.
GCE, a Cloud pioneer in the Federal market, built the SMART Cloud solution using open-source technologies such as Hadoop, the Apache open-source tools developed by industry leaders. With this solution, business users are empowered to Search, Mash, Analyze, Research, and Target their data – posing questions and exploring results with unprecedented speed and scale. The GCE solution is ideally suited for both government agencies and commercial enterprises struggling to gain rapid insight from large volumes of data. GCE’s Big Data solution is hosted on the GCE Cloud and requires no capital investment.
The Obama Administration announced its “Big Data Research and Development Initiative” last week – reinforcing the role that innovative tools and technologies can play ushering in new ways to harness, analyze, and extract actionable insights from the growing volume of digital data. GCE has already deployed its SMART Cloud solution for several customers of its financial management and procurement data Clouds.
“Today we all have consumer-grade expectations when it comes to extracting meaningful information from our business systems, however, existing enterprise-grade solutions cannot match these expectations,” says Ray Muslimani, GCE President and CEO. “The GCE SMART Cloud delivers the ability to search and analyze the data with the same intuitive tools and performance expectations consumers take for granted.”
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For more than a decade, GCE has been an established industry leader in the development of innovative Cloud solutions. The GCE Cloud offers a wide range of business services, including financial management, asset management, procurement, Big Data, and litigation support services. For more information, visit at

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